Why would you get married abroad?

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Getting married abroad is becoming increasingly popular. Not only Belgians and Dutch are getting married more often at a location abroad, but it is also trendy among many Americans and British to get married elsewhere.

The fact that getting married abroad is very expensive compared to getting married at home is a first misconception that needs to be dispelled. Just as there are weddings in different price categories in Belgium and the Netherlands, there are just as many abroad. Since life in some southern countries is cheaper than in northern and western Europe, so you often end up a lot cheaper than when you get married in your own country. Furthermore, it is usually the case that when Belgians & Dutch get married abroad, they do so in a more intimate setting. That also makes it a lot cheaper.

People choose to get married abroad for various reasons.
  • If one of the partners has foreign roots, it quickly becomes apparent to organize a wedding abroad as well.
  • It may be that a couple, or one of the partners, is wedded to a particular country. Perhaps the bride was there for her studies, or the groom once did volunteer work there. If one of the two has lost their heart to a place abroad, that is quickly chosen as the wedding location.
  • Abroad, you instantly have a vacation feeling and a casual atmosphere. Whether in the Austrian Alps mountains or on a sun-drenched beach in Croatia.
  • When you get married in your own country, that one wedding day is over in no time. Abroad, it’s different. You already have the travel time to get to your destination the day of the wedding itself, and then the bride and groom often stay at their destination for a few days to celebrate their honeymoon as well. A wedding abroad usually takes a few days, unlike in Belgium or the Netherlands.
  • The weather in Belgium and the Netherlands is not always the nicest to get married in. If you choose a location in a warmer place, you are usually sure of nice weather.
  • Getting married abroad is invariably choosing to get married in a beautiful location. Not that there are no beautiful places in your own country. We find places abroad just a little bit more attractive, whichever way you look at it. Spectacular mountain peaks, vast plains or pearly white beaches – the location we choose to get married abroad is beautiful no matter what.
  • Nothing beats a local paella in Spain, artisanal pizza in Italy or delicious tzatziki from Greece. Enjoying the local cuisine and spoiling your guests with it? This is perfectly possible when you get married abroad!
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Convinced to get married abroad? 

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