Sofia and Valerio on Mallorca

Evelien Geerinckx Photography - trouwen op Mallorca

Sofia and Valerio, a badass Italian couple, were there during an international workshop in Mallorca. A couple of wedding photographers, too, decided to give their wedding photos in the mountains of Mallorca a go.

No typical wedding photos for these two. She married on a pair of Dr. Martens shoes, in a vintage second-hand dress. Sofia’s tattoos & her piercings completed the picture. In contrast Valerio: tight in’t suit – all brushed off. I was totally a fan of this top combination! (Although you should know that Valerio is also completely tattooed…only, you don’t see that…) 

I landed in Palma de Mallorca on a Monday evening in November 2022 by 11 pm. I went straight to my hotel because after five hours of sleep; I had to be ready for day one of the workshop: a 12-hour day of photography ahead of me!
The meeting place for the wedding photography workshop was a little square, about 3 minute walk from my hotel. It was pitch dark in the streets of Palma, and not a single person was on the road at 4:30 in the morning on a November day. To claim that I was strolling quietly through those backstreets of Palma at that time would be a blatant lie.
By five o’clock, two cars were filled, heading for our first location of the day. We were to photograph the sunrise at Talaia d’Albercutx. After a little over an hour, we arrived there, indeed in the middle of nowhere. (When I faithfully saw on driving back after that morning session how narrow the road was and how deep the precipice was, I never would have crawled into that car.)
The blue light gave way to the dark night; the sky turned a beautiful pink before the sun rose. It made me quiet. Although the wind was blowing briskly, and I wasn’t 100% sure of how safe the location was, all I could think about was how beautiful nature was. And how small I felt there. The waves pounded against the rocks below me. Sofia and Valerio did their best to provide stunning wedding photos.

That I could expect spectacular locations with a badass couple, and preferably far off the beaten path I should have actually known. I’ve been out and about with Cole & Mark of Roadie Events before. The only wedding photography workshop where I invariably show up in sportswear and hiking boots. Both are as in love with wedding photography as I am and love adventurous wedding photos in nature. Preferably as far off the beaten track as possible.

Mallorca is a beautiful island. We drove aimlessly around the north and haphazardly stopped at a few places to take wedding photos. Wedding photos in Mallorca are a fairy tale in themselves. Every angle produces a different unique image.
We had lunch in Valldemossa. A picturesque village where we took the opportunity to photograph Sofia and Valerio there as well. Those typical photos of southern towns, they just belong there. An added value to your wedding album!
Around sunset, we arrived at Sa Foradada, a magnificent rock formation that was supposed to guarantee us epic images at dusk. Except. The wind blew extremely hard, and the rocks crumbled above our heads. As adventurous as Roadie Events workshops are (read: we already jumped a fence with a prohibition sign and serious danger…) – photographing at that location was life-threatening.
Dripping off? Not at all! As a wedding photographer, you have to be creative and make do with what you have. We found a spot among the olive trees and photographed Sofia and Valerio at sunset from there. Not quite what we wanted, but equally stunning pictures!
After twelve hours of photographing, we drove back towards Palma. Ready for snacks and wine/beer together. Around 10 PM, everyone went to bed because our photography adventure started at 5 AM the next day!

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