Paola & Peter in Dubrovnik

A Brazilian beauty and her handsome fiancé from Holland, it could be straight out of a modern fairy tale. She a photographer from São Paulo, and he is a DJ in Amsterdam nightlife. These two stars were modeling during a styled wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

Fair’s fair, and sorry who I am kicking in the shins now – Dubrovnik is far from my ideal vacation destination. Excellent for a day trip, but not for a more extended vacation. I was there in early October 2022, just outside the tourist season. The first night I stayed in a hotel in Lapad, a tourist area just outside the historic city.

Absolutely nothing for me – one market stall after another, interspersed with one fairground attraction for children next to another. Horse mill, pinball machine, a booth to throw balls – you know. My enthusiasm was honestly way off before the workshop even had to begin. What on earth was Dubrovnik supposed to offer as a venue? At any rate, I could not yet see it before me.

Wrong thinking. Especially as a wedding venue. And certainly as a photo location. But as a vacation destination, you won’t make me happy.
The workshop was organized by Mrs. Lake Weddings, a Dutch (destination) wedding planner. The location on top was beautifully decorated, and both the bride and groom were beaming. Just write Parc Orsula in Dubrovnik at the top of your location list for wedding photos! Countless opportunities to capture a fairy tale. The picture made perfect sense.
A beautiful view of the old city from Parc Orsula. There was something magical about the place. No tourists, let alone locals, in the farthest distance.
Of course, this magnificent park was not the only location we visited for wedding photos. The old town offers fantastic opportunities and beautiful beaches on the water.
Getting married in Croatia, and especially getting married in Dubrovnik: no doubt about it, an excellent idea!

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