An Ibiza wedding for Nora and Johan

Trouwen op Ibiza

Indian summer in October

It was late October when I headed to Ibiza with Your Forever Stories for a wedding photography workshop. The tourist season in Ibiza was pretty much over, only the brilliant weather had remained. In that period it is blissfully quiet on the island. In terms of weather we were really lucky: there was still a bright sun with an average temperature of 25 degrees. Ideal Indian summer to get married in Ibiza!

I flew from Eindhoven to Ibiza, and I was surprised how full the plane was. Perhaps there are many travelers who do know that the sun is still shining brightly in October on that fantastic island!

A villa on Ibiza

The base for this workshop was a beautiful villa in Ibiza, of course with a fantastic pool. I got instant vacation vibes there! A beautiful garden with the most beautiful flowers, and inside everything in shades of white and beige. Each room a private bathroom too, and a lovely bed to sleep in. I shared the room with a Belgian colleague. The group was mainly Dutch by the way, really a nice atmosphere!

Every morning we were served a great breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner. Barbecue, Mexican, … delicious!


The workshop, or portfolio trip whatever you want to call it, was also a kind of retreat. We had mastermind sessions related to our business. We learnt so much from each other! Also, other activities. We did a hike to Atlantis and Es Vedrà and a yoga teacher came by for an introductory yoga class. I was a bit reluctant at first, by the way, and thought yoga was just some hocus pocus. How could it possibly give me a feeling of peace and inner rest?

Later, when I was back in Belgium, I picked up yoga classes. It gave me so much pleasure! That seems to be the only thing that really calms me down. You see, what a workshop or retreat is not good for…

Getting married on Ibiza

Getting married in Ibiza has become very popular in Belgium and the Netherlands the latest years. And I totally understand that! The weather is almost always good, there is a bohemian atmosphere and the nature is beautiful. A wedding in Ibiza is highly recommended. A ceremony on the beach, in a beautiful hotel, in a trendy beach club or in a breathtakingly beautiful spot in nature: Ibiza has it all!

Flights to this fantastic island are relatively affordable, as is a stay there, and several airlines fly directly to Ibiza daily from different airports in Belgium and the Netherlands. Do keep in mind the weather: in the summer months it can be extremely hot. In the spring or fall, temperatures are just a bit more pleasant.

Having your legal, or civil marriage celebrated in Ibiza is unfortunately not possible. Arranging your marriage in advance at the municipality in your home country is therefore a must! But how beautiful is a ceremony on the white isle? Perhaps at sunset, had you thought of that?

Getting married in Hacienda na Xamena

Hacienda Na Xamena in Ibiza, is one of the best hotels and wedding venues in Ibiza. Also by far the best known. As a matter of fact, it was the first and only luxury five-star hotel in Ibiza for almost two decades.

The hotel is built into the side of a cliff, surrounded by pine forests and a natural park, with incredible, breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is located in the northwest of the island. This luxurious five-star hotel offers a unique space to say “I Do,” where couples can hold their wedding ceremony atop a cliff in the amphitheater – an experience and view your guests won’t soon forget!

Lucky me, then, that I got to take wedding photos there with Nora and Johan!

Photoshoot with Nora en Johan

Nora and Johan’s wedding shoot took place at the amphitheater of Hacienda Na Xamena and at the entrance of the hotel. The amphitheater is a beautiful place, and probably one of the most famous wedding venues in Ibiza! It was truly magical there. A breathtakingly beautiful view of cliffs in the Mediterranean Sea. Nora wore a beautiful see-through dress from The Bridal Concepts Company by Ankii. It fit her like a glove. Johan wore a classic black suit that looked lovely on him.

At the entrance of the hotel complex, a Vespa had been arranged for me to take some wedding photos of Nora & Johan together. Just as in Belgium and the Netherlands people often rent a fancy car to bring the bride and groom to the location, here it was a Vespa. So fun those wedding photos, I really like them! And clearly, a Vespa does not only come into its own in Italy…

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