A fairytale wedding in Turkey

Evelien Geerinckx Photography - Trouwen in Cappadocië - Trouwen in Turkije
For many people, Cappadocia is unknown; those who know it see the typical images of hundreds of hot air balloons before them.
Just like in a fairy tale, it really is. However, you have to have something to show for it.
I was in Cappadocia in mid-April to take wedding photos. Since I was flying to Turkey, my suitcase was full of summer clothes. The first morning I woke up in… an under-snow fairy tale. So that became layers. Two pairs of pants, two pairs of stockings, a top, t-shirt, sweater, jacket and scarf on. Maybe I should have checked the local weather forecast instead of assuming you can lie by a pool in your bikini anywhere in Turkey at any time of the year. It was also a cold spring in Belgium then, and I was going to a mountainous region.
I slept in a typical hotel built in and on the rocks. Truly a unique experience that I can only recommend to you.
Wedding photos in Turkey, I bet you had never thought of it before, right?
To take these beautiful photos at sunrise in Göreme, my wedding couple did have to get up early. At 2 am the makeup artist started making up the bride and groom. At 3:30 AM, we got into the car towards the photo location, where we arrived an hour later.
The hot air balloons in Cappadocia do not go up in the same place: everything depends on the weather conditions and, of course, the most important thing – the wind direction. I did want the balloons in the background of the wedding couple. We were lucky with our cab driver – it was not the first time he went out with a couple and a photographer.
I took the photos in the gallery below between 04:55 AM and 05:08 AM, according to my camera’s metadata. From the blue hour, racing to the golden hour – a stressful moment. The weather conditions were magnificent, the couple sublime. That it was freezing cold, you don’t see any of that, do you?
What is a night of minimal sleep and half an hour in the cold when you can admire such wedding photos of yourself in Turkey for life?
I still think back fondly on these wedding photos in beautiful Cappadocia.

Do you consider wedding pictures in Turkey too? 

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