I won my first wedding photography awards in 2022!

Evelien Geerinckx Photography - huwelijksfotograaf
In April 2022, for the first time, I decided to invest in a wedding photography workshop abroad. A big gamble: the participation fee was not cheap, and when I saw the names of the other participants, I felt pretty small. Most of them already had tons of experience with wedding photography both at home and abroad. As I sat admiring their photos on their websites and socials, I really wondered how I could ever make such beautiful pictures. 
Anyway, no risk, no gain – I would learn anyway.
That workshop in Cappadocia was the start of my own little success story with victories.
When I was back in Belgium after the workshop, my head was full of ideas, tips, and tricks I had learned there. There was really a lot of work to do. I submitted two of the photos I took in Turkey to an international competition.
Without any expectations. My colleagues in Turkey had told me that I should enter the contest.
During such competitions, an international jury evaluates your skills in terms of lighting, visual impact, post-processing and composition.
And then suddenly, I received the notification…I had won an international wedding award for both the photos I had submitted.
I couldn’t believe it.
I have never been one to walk beside her shoes and always felt inferior to others. It used to be that way in school. Perfectionistic, nothing is ever good enough.
(Then perhaps let that stressful trait be an asset to my work as a photographer…)
Hours and hours I studied, not to want to be top of the class – but to have satisfaction for myself.
Of course, those first two awards as a wedding photographer felt fantastic, and I entered the same contest every month.
And … in the meantime, I was able to put a total of nine Wedisson awards to my name since my first participation in June of 2022.
And I am incredibly proud of that. For those awards, I worked hard. I invested a lot in myself and my business, had sleepless nights, and I was crying from stress from time to time..
Although I never thought I would succeed, that was my first small victory.

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