I ‘(d) love to tell your story. This is mine.

Evelien, who?

Evelien, nice to meet you.

Aangenaam. Enchanté. Encantada.
Schön, Sie kennen zu lernen. Piacere.
Those languages, I do speak a few of them.

Meanwhile, thirty-and-a-bit, a busy bee and aglobetrotter. 

Since a couple of years, I am the proud dog mom of my best friend, Flinn – a strong-willed chocolate brown Labrador.


You can always call me for a good glass of red wine. I am a globetrotter at heart, and I love trying local cuisines worldwide.

My biggest food crush of all? Italian, no doubt about it.


If there is some food that I really don’t like? Papaya – you don’t have to share that with me.


Everlasting student

Many years ago, I studied graphic design in high school.
Afterwards, I started my university career in Antwerp to become an interpreter (Italian, French & English), but after a few years chose a more practical major with business, economics and Spanish classes.
My mother tongue is Dutch, but I went to school for a while in Liège, at a French-speaking university, during my studies. That was fantastic, being the only Dutch-speaking girl among all my fellow students. In any case, my French is fluent now. 
I also lived in Cusco (Peru) for a while as part of an internship and volunteer work with street children. That was, and is, far away from my life in Belgium, but I lost my heart there. I certainly encountered myself there, but it was a great asset to who I am now.

My studies took slightly longer than the average student, but I did manage it, you know. 


My journey as a photographer

In 2017, Evelien Geerinckx Photography was born. In the beginning, I only took pictures of families and children. Soon I bought a mobile studio to do newborn and cake smashes at the clients’ house.

A little later, I bought a house and changed my mobile studio for a “real” one … which has since been closed again to focus on on-location photo sessions entirely and to specialize in wedding photography.


Wedding photography 

During my first year, a good friend asked me if I could take her wedding photos. I had my doubts because that really is a profession. She convinced me, and that’s where my passion for wedding photography started.
I followed several years of evening classes and many workshops in Belgium and abroad. Learning and growing that’s what I keep doing with dedication for, for me, the most beautiful job in the world: capturing love as a photogrpaher.

Meanwhile, I was able to photograph many weddings worldwide and receive international photography awards for both wedding and children’s photography. I have learned to put aside that typical Flemish fear of showing my pride: I couldn’t be more proud – really, because… Photography is hard work, both in front of and behind the scenes.

…and so, that’s the story on how I fell totally in love with capturing your love.

Evelien Geerinckx Photogrpahy
Evelien Geerinckx Photography
I (‘d) love to tell your story.

So, this was my story.
I am already looking forward to tell yours.